Loss seems to be everywhere.

Not the kind of loss like I lost my keys.

Loss like I am ready for heaven.

People all around me are suffering. In the past 5 days, two different families have come to my attention after losing babies. Both of them were about 6 months old. Loss. Why?

I talk with my girlfriend who is dealing with her daughter having a brain tumor. Loss.

Children losing their childhood. Brothers and sisters losing their innocence.

With all this pain in this world, why do I cling to a God who could heal and yet doesn't? Or does he, just not like we ask?

When I feel like there are no answers for these questions, I think of what my life would be like without my faith and trust in God.


There is so little that one person can do for another. So, I do the one thing I can. PRAY!

Pray that the God of all Comfort will guard these families minds and hearts and use these circumstances to grow closer to Him. To the truth that sets us free.