Driven Scramble Golf Tournament

This July 26th is the second annual Josh Buck charity golf scramble. This year it is called "Driven Scramble."
  • It will be held at the 4.5 star Pilgrims Run  in Sand Lake Michigan.
  • $125 per person ($500 per team) includes green fees, cart, a practice bucket of balls, free Starbucks coffee, catered lunch, and an embroidered polo shirt.
  • Proceeds to go to Josh Buck and 311 Ministries,
  • Golf gear giveaways
There are only 36 teams available.  The registration deadline is July 15.  
Go to for more information and to sign up.

3 Birthday parties -- 1 day

It's been so long since we updated that even though I don't intend on making a long post,, I still think I should write something.

Today we celebrated Noah, Zoe, and Ephram's birthdays. The Bucks, G-ma & pa Buck, G-ma & pa Syswerda, Grates, and Emersons were in attendance-- drinking beverage, eating chips, and devouring and 6 feet of sub.

All three kids opened presents, with the big hit being a trampoline purchased by G-ma & pa Buck and G-ma & pa Syswerda.

After we sang happy birthday (Noah played the mandolin... kinda), the adults sat outside on the patio and talked while the kids played in the sprinkler and screamed. It was a pretty great day.

One update that is very important... Shelly is feeling much better. The cortisone shot really did the trick.  So between the hysterectomy and the nerve pain, Shelly is finally feeling pretty good.  Amen!  This topic deserves much more attention than this, but I'm still wanting to get to bed soon.  I'll make Shelly post a little bit about it too.

Thanks.  We love you all and are so thankful for your prayers.

Back at it

The momma is back in town!  Today I went to the pain clinic and had an injection of cotizone shots into the effected area. As of right now, the pain is minimal which is a huge blessing. I think they finally have an idea what is going on so that feels reassuring.

Josh and I got married 8 years ago today. We got married on a gorgeous Friday evening in downtown Grand Rapids and rode up to our reception in a horse drawn carriage. It was an evening I'll never forget. Eight years later and still going strong.

Josh has been having a lot of nerve pain the past 24 hours. He was extremely discouraged this morning. He is laying next to me right now, unure of how well he will sleep. Please keep him in your prayers. The nerve pain is very difficult for Josh because it is a burning sensation and their is little he can do about it. Please pray that the Lord continues to uplift his spirits.

My cousin Erin was in town for her wedding shower this weekend. She lives in NYC so I don't get to see her too often and she is like my kindred soul. I love to spend time with her. She is getting married in October and Josh and I are taking a road trip out to the East Coast for the wedding. It was fun to see her and see how the plans are coming. I am hopefully going out in July for a night or two for her personal shower. She has been such a huge support to me and I would like to do the same for her. And, considering I'm her favorite cousin, I'd better be there... just kiddng!

Noah and Zoe are spending this week adjusting to being home. We don't have any big plans. We let them fill up the pool for the first time on Saturday. They loved jumping off the mini trampoline and into the water. Ephram loved watching them! I was hoping to get some pics but have had some trouble locating my camera charger.  Woops. :-)

That's all the exciting news here. Zoe has her first ballet recital on Wednesday so I'll have to post some pics. G and G Buck are coming from Indiana to see her. She is psyched!

Shelly's home

Just a quick update... Shelly came home Friday at about noon.  This was a little sooner than we thought.

There has been no treatment for the pain yet.  Apparently that is not going to happen until June 9.  Ridiculous.

On the upside, Shelly's oral pain meds are not leaving her flat on her back.  The pain does get pretty bad every couple hours, but she also has moments when she feels pretty good.

More updates soon.  Thank you for your prayers.